Thursday, 27 February 2014

Life with Saxon - month ten

Dear Saxon,

In your earliest weeks you spent most of your life asleep on my chest. The Autumn air was cold and you lived only in wondersuits. I knew how fast that wonderful time would pass and you would quickly grown into a little boy. So i held you, i nursed you and we co-slept. When you cried i responded with open arms.

Having gone through the motherhood journey already with Caelan i knew i would be criticised. The nurses warned me about co-sleeping but you would only sleep if i were holding you. I also knew that having you in my arms all the time would bring about the "you're going to spoil him" topic. And that was ok. The house was a mess, Caelan was late to preschool everyday but the way you looked at me made me realise that that was ok. I would have time to do the dishes and fold the laundry. Caelan will miss morning tea time at school but his lunch box was filled with nutritious foods. But THAT time with you, i would never get back. Soon you would start to open your sleepy eyes and become aware of the world.

For the last 10 months i have rocked you to sleep, I haven't let you cry once, I have nursed you through your biting stages and i have spent every night since your birth waking at least 3 times to feed you. I still hold you til my arms hurt and think it is sweet that you will only let me rock you to sleep.

You have the most beautiful nature and this i love most about you. You are gentle, cuddly, happy & you sook when i leave the room (and i love that about you). You take most of the bed and you eat everything in sight. You climb the furniture and pull everything out of it's place.

No matter how destructive you are, our little family wouldn't be the same without you Saxon. Keeping you close to my heart and responding to your cues has made you into the the beautiful happy little toddler that you are now.

In two months we will celebrate your first birthday, Easter themed. Your special date will land on Good Friday, with your party being held on your dad's birthday the following day. I believe the Easter bunny will be making an appearance and there will be an Easter egg hunt. So much fun, i cannot wait.

Love you baby,

Mum x

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