Thursday, 20 March 2014

life with Saxon - month 11

How have you grown so much since last month? When i look at this photo of you i see Caelan all over.
Oh, how grown up you look.

On this day, i took you and Caelan to the park for a bike ride. You and I sat on the grass where i expected you to put a leaf or grass to your mouth as you usually do, but this time…. you lifted your arms right up until you were standing. In that moment i knew you were no longer a baby, despite how many times a day i say it. You are fast growing into a healthy little boy, and i am proud.

What can i say about this month? You have developed a habit of biting my shoulders when you are cranky. Your little teeth are pretty sharp! :( The gap that lives between your front chompers is the most adorable thing i have seen in a while. So perfectly imperfect.

You are a shocking sleeper Saxon! And i say that with so much love, because i think co-sleeping is beautiful with you, but waking 5 times a night is draining. You kick, you bat your little hands around all night and we often find you sleeping across the bed, your head in the crook of my shoulder and my neck, and your feet kicking daddy in the face. The beautiful thing about having you in our bed is that we snuggle all night and i can breastfeed you back to sleep when you wake. I will never tire of that.

Music makes you happy and your little dance is so joyful. You wriggle your body and your head bobs from side to side. Have i already mentioned how cute you are?

You are understanding more human talk now. Words like, "kisses", "bickie", "clap", and you can recognise our names. So clever you are Saxon.

Well, it's one month until yours and daddy's birthday's. One month until you are one, and you will most likely be walking… One… It's a scary thought.

I love you little man x

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