Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The mother juggle

They sit quietly, one reads to the other. There is peace in this moment - peace in their hearts.

The chaos of school holidays is upon us, so lately i can't find any time to get things done. Multiple deadlines are looming and my workload is overwhelming. Emails, appointments, catch ups, birthday parties. Ahh, the mother juggle - we all know it all too well.

Finding a balance is hard, and it's something i have been struggling with since having Saxon. I questioned my career choice and soon realised that it was making me unhappy. Running a small business with two small children is demanding, and taking quality time away from their most precious years. I shot my last wedding two weeks ago, leaving behind 3 years of practice and hard work. Following these last weddings was an abundance of editing & i cannot say that my workflow has been consistent. I'm lucky if i find 20mins to sit alone and cull photos.

I've tried many ways to find some balance in this struggle and stressing has been my least favourite. I've come to terms with letting go of all that brings stress. Stress does horrible things to our bodies and our mind, so i have learnt to let go, to be breathe and to be present. Being happy is important for our well-being and if it means that my house is messy and my to-do list does not get done then so be it. Letting go of these stresses gives me freedom. My career can wait. My house can wait. But my children are only young for a short time, and they need their Mother.

Be present - be mindful - be here, now.

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  1. well done to you, it's a big decision. Recognising the need to simplify is half the battle. You never know, you might find time when things are settled and you've found a rhythm to do the odd wedding or photo shoot here and there when it suits you. In the meantime, enjoy your boys, it sure goes quick x