Tuesday, 1 October 2013

life with Saxon - month five

I think it’s safe to say that our baby won’t be a baby for much longer. Geez, how quickly these last five months have gone by just blows me away. Soon enough he’ll be a walking, talking toddler getting into my tupperware cupboards.
What a personality Saxon has now. Just like his big brother Caelan, he is all smiles.
Loves his feet now that he can reach them & sometimes makes himself laugh because of how ticklish his toes are. He loves them being kissed,
I’d give it another 4 weeks and Saxon will crawling. He’s up on his hands & knees now rocking back and forth.
That. Hair! So soft & still has that ‘baby smell’, it’s getting lighter by the day.

It’s been such a busy few weeks that I haven’t been spending much time taking photos of my boys. I’m almost 2 weeks late with posting this one.. School holidays have commenced, family have visited & these beautiful warm days have been keeping us busy outside aswell. But my main goal here, through all of my rambling is to dot down all of Saxon’s milestones, his ever changing hair colour & cute little phases that i would otherwise forget later on. This blog will be a perfect place for me to look back on not just Saxon’s childhood, but Caelan’s aswell. These boy are my children, and my children are my life. They are my family, they are my best friends, they are my strength. When i look at their photos i see how much they adore not just each other, but ME. They love ME, and it fills me with warmth & comfort & everything else a mother feels when your child tells you how much they love you. And i do capture those photos. When i feel like giving up, or work gets too overwhelming I look at Caelan’s photographs and smile & that photo of him giggling at me and remember why i am a photographer. We will never get this time in their lives back, but these photographs & these stories will be forever.

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