Sunday, 24 November 2013

life with Saxon - month six

I guess you could say that things have been crazy busy around here, hence the very late post. Not to worry, our computer is back up and running now after moving to our new house & not to mention Caelan jamming a few of my memory cards in the CD drive…
Our biggest milestone for month six was Saxon learning to crawl. At first he was just sliding along – more like an army crawl – now he’s up on hands and knees ready to explore the world.
His features have changed, reminds me of Caelan when he was Saxon’s age – beautiful blue eyes, cheeky grin that makes my heart scream with happiness. But in saying that they are very different. They have their own unique personalities, Saxon’s isn’t much just yet but it is there. It’s kind, warm, caring & quiet. He observes everything, while keeping to himself – he is much like me.
I often try to remember what our lives were like before Saxon. It felt humble and we were happy, but now it feels complete. Caelan has a brother, a friend for life & Matthew and I get to love each of them, watch them grow together and learn from one another. What a beautiful life we lead.

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