Wednesday, 1 January 2014

life with Saxon - month eight

Dear Saxon,
This year has been overwhelming & exciting for us. Yourself and Caelan have shown us so much happiness. The way you play together, chasing each other around our home. I love the way you giggle at Caelan, when he beats you to the other side of the room.
Christmas just came & went, and although you didn’t understand a thing of it you enjoyed the company of our family. Your Grandparents visited, you have grown so much since their last stay.
Not a lot has changed this month. You are exploring your surroundings much more, we know that the beach is not for you. You don’t like the feel of the sand – unless you are eating it.
You cut your two top teeth… Your eye teeth. You will be the cutest little vampire going.
You enjoy watching our puppy at the back door. Sometimes, if you are feeling extra adventurous you will stand against the safety gate & poke your arms through. Max loves this, he goes on to cover you in kisses.
Today is the last day of 2013, the year you were born. The year that has come and gone in a blink. Tonight we will watch the fireworks from our balcony & remember the highlights of the year, looking through our photo albums. Once again, i am thankful for these photos.
I love you my beautiful boy.
Mum x

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