Saturday, 5 April 2014


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Saxon: A fever, no sleep & a lot of tears.
Caelan: I told him he should pat Tommy nicely, rather then make him pull funny faces… Caelan's face tells it all.

Both boys have caught a bug this week. Caelan's temp reached near 40, while Saxon's temp remained 38 for a few hours. Caelan sleep all day, while Saxon refused to shut his eyes. Saxon wants to nurse all day, and although i feel sore and like i couldn't possibly have any milk left, i'll comfort feed him until he is better.

Following along with the lovely Jodi.


  1. its so hard when they are sick, and breastfeeding so regularly takes it out of you. I hope they are both on the mend x

  2. So sorry to hear you beautiful boys have not been well, hope it passes quickly xx These are stunning portraits! I'm kind of blown away, actually. Get well soon boys!

  3. These portraits are beautiful. Sorry to hear that you've had a tough time, hope they feel better soon!

  4. Such gorgeous pictures. Feeding can be so hard sometimes, especially when they're sick. I hope they both feel better soon x

  5. I hope your sweet hearts are feeling better. Those portraits tell the story so well

  6. that profile! perfect.
    sorry to hear about the sickies. a 40 degree temp! that's scary, right? glad you guys made it through the week!