Friday, 18 April 2014

Life with Saxon - month twelve

And just like that, my baby turns one.


As i sit down to write about your first year, i feel butterflies in my tummy and tears fill my eyes - you turned one today. A whole year of loving you and watching you grow into a beautiful, gentle soul. The past year has flown by, yet it feels like i have known you a lifetime. That is just the start of our mother-son bond, we know each other so well.

Your laugh, your chubby cheeks, the way you toddle around and cling to me like a koala, are all things i love about you. The way you adore your big brother, snuggle with our cat and constantly spit your solid food out. I also love they way you are so cheeky, and how i already know that you don't have a single mean bone in your body. You're a beautiful boy, Saxon.

Your first year has been a delight! You make us all so happy, our little family is complete with you here.

Happy birthday Saxy.


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